We are specialized on shopfitting ,store fixture and shop furniture. We work for total shopfitting solutions to brands and stores. Today, we use all kinds of tools to design, produce, and arrange the logistic with strategy. Facing the global market, we provide local and worldwide services to our customers with efficient processes, superior quality and timely delivery. WHAT WE MADE We are specialized in all kinds of shopfitting and display furniture for apparel, bag shopd, shoe shops, textile,cosmetic,perfumery stores luxury good, and department store. We are really good at various material combinations – acrylic (plexiglass), steel, stainless, aluminum, glass ,and wood. We do ALL FOR YOUR SHOP. WHO WE SERVE For brand owners, shopfitters, interior designers, distributors and retailers, We desire to give full servicec to our clients to expand their business fast and economically. We service these types of brands: luxury good, cosmetics, skincare,bag shops,textile shops, footwear,department stores etc. and specialty stores.

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